The Relaxing Massage
This massage is a pleasant opportunity for complete relaxation, though gentle is no less effective than stronger techniques.
Drawing from Swedish and Californian massage techniques. It consists of kneading, stroking, tapping, friction and vibration coupled with the ‘cranio-sacral touch’ which calms the nervous system facilitating the body’s healing mechanism.
It is performed on table using a combination of essential oils or creams chosen according to the needs of the client.
This massage is a pleasure to receive and is the most popular with our clients

Sports Massage
The sessions are specifically designed for Sportsmen and women or people who lead an active physical life.
This massage using oil is designed to help prevent athletic injury, relieve swelling, fatigue and muscle tension and help enhance athletic performance.
The practitioner uses a variety of  powerful techniques drawn from Ayurvedic massage and Shiatsu. The techniques comprise of rhythmic strokes of the muscle fibre and involve deep tissue compression. The treatment is very penetrating and focuses on the muscles and connective tissues
It is performed on a table using oils selected for their properties.

The Slimmers Anti-cellulite Massage
The massage consists of powerful kneading and stroking to facilitate the drainage of accumulated fluid. The practitioner uses a fat burning and figure sculpting cream of a specific herbal formula. This activates and stimulates the skin’s natural toning and cleansing functions helping to prevent the accumulation of cellulite.
One can observe the qualitative improvement in ones skin within a few sessions. Combined with Hatha Yoga postures the benefits can be maintained for a longer duration.
Phytomédica also offer a herbal slimming multi pack cure which has been tested under medical supervision which can be used in conjunction with this treatment.

Thai Massage
Thai massage is performed on a futon with the client clothed. It is recommended primarily for people trying to increase flexibility of movement as it consists of supported stretches focusing on elasticity of ligaments and joint mobility.
It is also an energetic therapy that works with the Sen lines (energy  meridians similar to acupuncture) through the application of pressure along or to specific points on the meridians using thumbs, palms and feet.
It has been referred to as “Yoga for the lazy”, because many of the stretches are very similar to yoga postures though the movements are controlled by the masseur. The pressure work and stretching exercises coupled with guided breath work enables the client to release energy blockages and myo-fascial tension.
Thai massage increases flexibility and improves general mobility facilitating better circulation of blood, lymph and the elimination of toxins.