We have been studying and practicing a wide variety of different ancient Eastern arts of healing for over 20 years. We met 15 years ago and have been working together blending our different knowledge drawn from a variety disciplines.
It is for the purpose of re-educating people as to the benefits and pleasures to be found in taking a pro-active hand in understanding and maintaining their most precious vehicle; the bodymind that we formed Equilibrium.
Self Awareness, apparently so unnecessary, and it’s by product something so seemingly tedious as Preventive Medicine are neglectfully and ironically passed over in the race for ‘performance’ and profit. As a consequence mental ‘dis-eases’ such as stress, anxiety and depression are endemic and cancers, allergies and obesity are on the increase.
OurĀ  aimĀ  is to inspire a curiosity for self discovery, to open people’s minds and bodies to the joys and benefits of self knowledge. Using these ancient practices we hope to cultivate ‘the art of listening’ which lies at the root of all healing processes.
Our intention is to give people back the information, to give guidance and facilitate an experiential understanding of the perennial wisdom of what it is to be human in all its magnificence, harmony and joy.

Join us in this bold undertaking !