Zia meditating copyHatha Yoga is an ancient art developed in India. It consists of physical and mental exercises for the maintenance of bodily health and mental tranquillity.

Having trained in a number of different styles from which we draw from, we have chosen to teach primarily from the Iyengar tradition. As it offers the most varied, adaptable and clear methodology.

The practice can be both fluid and dynamic, or recuperative and meditative depending one what is appropriate. We focus on entering, resting and exiting postures (asanas) in accordance with the breath. Special attention is given to precision; alignment, establishing and unfolding postures step by step, and sequencing through which the asanas reveal their energetic resonances.

This approach uses a selection of props; blankets, belts, bricks, bolsters and chairs, for the unfolding of variations, modifications and intensifications of the postures. Enabling us to offer a bespoke service, tailoring a session to needs of the student according to their level, health and age of the student.

Due to our diverse training and specialisation in the use of props for therapeutic purposes we are also able to provide remedial sessions to address specific injuries.